Creative Uses for Facebook Dark Posts

by / Friday, 02 September 2016 / Published in Latest posts

Creative Uses for Facebook Dark Posts

By now most of us have heard of Facebook “DARK POSTS” a.k.a. “Unpublished Posts”. But, how about adding a more unique touch to your Dark Posts? Here are a few creative creative ways to use Facebook Dark Posts to draw more people to your business or organization.

1. Reach people outside of your target market.

While the sweet spot of your marketing dollars generally goes to the coveted target market, don’t forget about those people who may be interested in your product OUTSIDE of that demographic! These folks may not be interested in seeing all of your posts (or even liking your Facebook page), but by creating a specific dark post directed to them, you may just tap into another loyal customer base.

2. Run a VIP contest, offer or promotion.

Everyone loves to feel special. Help your loyal customers feel the love with a VIP exclusive promotion, offer or contest. This could be anything from a special discount to an exclusive giveaway or download or even a special VIP event or secret sale. Be sure to let them know it was designed specifically for them and watch them turn from a loyal customer to an ambassador for your business in no time.

3. Ask A Question or Take A Survey.

“Let me pick your brain.” Find out what people think about your business, a new product, or hot topic within your field by asking a question or creating a survey that targets a specific demographic. Keeping a pulse on what the community this thinking and wanting keeps your business or organization fresh and relevant.

4. A/B Testing

Find out what really works to grab the attention of your demographic by creating several versions of your post to see which combination receives the best response. By changing the body copy, image, headline or call-to-action button you can determine which variations have the highest click-through rates. The higher the CTR, the more money you’ll save on cost-per-click campaigns.

Not sure how to get started with Dark Posts? Visit Facebook HERE or contact Hamilton Marketing Group, LLC and we can help you on your way!