Infographic Creation Service

by / Friday, 09 January 2015 / Published in Content Creation & Distribution Services

Infographics are a great way to visually represent the value of your business. A well-made infographic can be invaluable for hooking your client’s interest, conveying the main points of your business, and, in some cases, even going viral. Our Infographic Creation Service will create an image that you can use to explain your business or services in a nice, clean fashion. The resulting graphic will have 8-10 clear points (or a similar amount of information) displayed in a visually-stimulating way. Our service comes in two flavors: With or without research. With research, we simply need you to provide us your business and any specific information you’d like us to focus on. From there, we will create the major information points and write out exactly what will be on the graphic. Likewise, the “without research” option allows you to provide us the exact verbiage you’d like to be included on the graphic. We will take those 8-10 points and represent them verbatim on the final product. That finalized graphic will come in a high quality image file (like a png) as well as an editable source file (like a psd).