Marketing Strategy Services

Organic traffic from search engines such as google and yahoo are extremely valuable because they represent highly targeted traffic looking to buy your products. Getting the keyword targeting right is extremely important for getting part of this traffic and we're here to help you do just that!

Onpage Optimization Services is one of the most cost effective and quick ways to help improve your compliance with search engines and increase your presence. Our services will help optimize your website according to Google & Bing Webmaster Guidelines, so that you can see better results within a few weeks. Every order will come with a report detailing precisely what we have done with your website. These include: * Having an American writer rewrite the page in a natural way but incorporating natural terms describing your service or product where possible. We will rewrite/optimize up to 500 words of existing content or create 250 words of content from scratch for each page. * Redesigning the page to better emphasize certain areas through the use of h1, h2, bold, & italics. * We will add royalty free images to the webpage and add appropriate meta tags. * Adding relevant Title, Description, and Keyword Tags * Setup of Google Webmaster Tools & Bing Webmaster Tools accounts + Verification * Creation of Sitemap + Upload to Webmaster Tool accounts * Duplicate Content Analysis and Prevention (we will help redirect the content so that they only appear on one URL) * Relevant Cross Linking For Pages Within The Website * Linking Structure Audit - removing dead links, linking to relevant portions, etc. * Google Analytics Setup & Installing Code On Your Pages

Proper layout of your website is extremely important in having search engines being able to reach your pages and glean the important pages of your website. With improper layout, your content could be great but search engines could actually penalize you because it thinks you're website is spammy! Therefore, it's critical that you get your website layout right to begin with. We can help you set up your blog or website easily and quickly so that you can focus on writing your content and less on figuring out why the article you spent 5 hours on isn't being indexed. With us, you will receive quick, reliable service with a full report of what we've done for you.

Too many options and don't quite know what to do with your website? Tried everything and your rankings aren't improving? Wonder what you should do next? As an owner of over 300 websites netting a total traffic in the 10s of millions of page views per month, we've probably run across your problem and can lend you our experience. Whether you're just starting a site out and wondering how you get traffic or wondering what you should spend the most money on to get the most out of your dollar, we can provide our expertise to help you achieve your goals. We are familiar with all areas of website management including: domain registration, php coding problems, server management and optimization, mysql optimization, all our online marketing options, search engine penalties, google sandbox, search engine growth, etc. If you're considering your options, why not let us take a look over your site(s) and give you some specific advice to avoid catastrophic consequences such as getting your adsense account banned or making some simple improvements that will net you large increases in your business?

Search engines have become more strict since Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates. Backlinks that are of low or irrelevant quality are no longer just ignored, but can actually cause other links to be devalued and harm your rankings. If you have suffered a manual penalty, or would like to clean up your link profile to prevent any possible manual or algorithmic penalties, our link analysis and link removal services should be a great fit for you. In our link analysis service, we will retrieve backlinks from MajesticSEO (and you can also provide us with the list from your Webmaster tools). We will manually go through each link, or domain, and label it relevant or not relevant from a human perspective, as well as tag it with popular metrics such as Citation Flow, Trust Flow, and Domain Authority. You will receive a report with the websites and measures above, with recommendations to remove links with low quality metrics as well as links with irrelevant subject areas. In our link removal service, we will remove links of your choosing. We will attempt to locate the contact information for each of the links that you have provided and reach out directly to the webmaster to have your backlink removed. You will receive a report of the email we used to send contacts, the webmaster's reply, as well as a properly formatted disavow file for the remainder of the links so that you can directly upload to Webmaster tools. In our Link remediation service, we will combine the steps above, and remove up to the bottom 50% of links that may be deemed low quality. It will come up with both reports above.